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Rainy Day Patterns

We’ve been working our way through the seasons here at Pattern Observer Studio, developing patterns around the themes of ice, the transition from winter to spring, and now those drizzly days that spur the growth of the flowers we all love. Michelle played with cut and paste techniques, using hand-painted paper, to develop a collection of three beautiful springtime patterns that evoke rain showers and fresh-cut grass. Next up in our seasonal exploration we will be switching gears to florals and foliage–follow along on our new Instagram account for sneak peeks at what we’re working on! @patternobserverstudio

To view our Rainy Day collection, as well as our full library of over 300 patterns, we invite you to apply for a studio membership here. OR if you’d like to see the patterns in person, and happen to be located in Portland, Oregon, please mark down August 3rd and 4th on your calendar! Michelle will be in town showing our library of new exclusive and original prints to a small handful of select companies. If you would like to make an appointment to view the Pattern Observer Studio collection, please reach out to

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
The Pattern Observer Studio Team

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