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Trending: Uneven Edges

We are excited to announce “Uneven Edges” as our trend focus for the month of April, during which our designers will be exploring rough and imperfect edges in the form of brush strokes, collage and spray paint. If you’ve ever stopped to look closely at graffiti, or just the old paint chipping off a brick wall, you know that the textures and layers of color can be truly stunning. While designing for the Uneven Edges trend we are drawing inspiration from areas where paint has dripped, where it has cracked and peeled, and noticing where edges of shapes are crisp versus where they have more of a halo of color from a spray can. The great thing about this trend is that it can result in both abstract textural patterns, as well as being applied to more recognizable motifs in the form of pattern fills and overlays.

Each month at Pattern Observer Studio we provide our members with a FREE trend report consisting of three inspiration boards. These boards give a preview into the themes our studio designers are focusing their creative energy on that month and we hope will inspire you, too!  To gain access to the Uneven Edges trend and all of our previous trends we invite you to apply for a studio membership HERE (please note that at this time we are only able to offer studio access to qualified pattern buyers. If you are a textile designer looking for trend information and other educational support we invite you to check out our Textile Design Lab e-learning community.)

Later this month we will be refreshing our studio library with the new patterns that our designers created around the Uneven Edges trend–keep an eye on the Pattern Observer Studio newsletter for a sneak peek!



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